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Guest Post: Badass Book Besties

Hello Everyone! Today the lovely Booknut will be joining us yet again for another awesome guest post.
BookNut is the blogger over at 21st Century Once Upon a Times. Her blog consists of all kinds of delightful book related topics, as well as her amazing YA & NA book reviews are featured there. 

I hope you all enjoy her post on Badass Book Besties. If you like what you read, make sure to check out more of her book discussions and reviews over on her blog. 

Books are filled with characters that you wish were real. We’ve all come across characters we’d love to hang out with, tell our problems to, laugh with…or work with to hatch a plan to save the world! Some book characters just seem like they’d make the most amazing best friends, if only they were real.
So with that in mind, I’m going to be picking my top three Badass Book Besties – three characters that I would love to have as a part of my friend squad any day.

1). Hermione Granger

If you need someone to solve a riddle for you, cast a spell to repair your glasses, or to finish writing your essay, Hermione is your girl!
Hermione is one of the smartest female fictional characters ever, as well as the cleverest witch of our age. Her brains and superior magical abilities are a lethal combination, as was quite clear in the Harry Potter series. She is certainly the kind of ally you want by your side when taking on a dark lord or two.
But it’s not just all about the brains. Hermione is steadfast, loving, and will make personal sacrifices to support your friendship. She has your best interests at heart…as well as that of the house elves!

2). Kenji Kishimoto

Need a friend that will make you laugh? Kenji from the Shatter Me series is the perfect candidate.
A badass with a wicked sense of humour (and a healthy ego) Kenji is a great addition to any team. But don't let his wit and sarcasm fool you. Below his blasé exterior lies a well of complexity and skills. Not only does he have experience as a soldier, but he can also turn invisible. How cool is that?!
But if the Shatter Me series showed us anything, it was that Kenji is a good and loyal friend. Even when you've made stupid decisions, or are feeling down about your life, Kenji will be there with words of wisdom...and a joke or two! Although his methods may be unconventional, at the end of the day you can trust Kenji with your life and the lives of your loved ones.

3). Magnus Bane 

Everybody needs Magnus’ abilities at some point, so a friendship with him is probably a smart investment!
The common factor in the Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, and The Bane Chronicles series? Magnus Bane and his magical solutions. More than half of the characters in these series would have been floundering about like clueless idiots if it weren't for the skills of this magnificent warlock. Magnus' immortality is both a gift and a curse - allowing him to learn from the past and to shape the future.
Another perk of being his friend? The parties!! Magnus Bane's parties are not something to be missed and as his friend you can bet you'd be on the guest list. Just be careful not to drink may turn into a rat (just ask Simon)!
He may seem self-serving at first glance (or second glance...or even third glance!) but at the end of the day Magnus Bane is as much of a softy as his cat Chairman Meow. He'll move heaven and hell for those he loves.

What do you think of my fictional friend squad? Who would you pick for yours? Let us know in the comments below

About BookNut
Bookworm. YA & NA blogger. Music addict. Relatively human.
Booknut is a bookworm of the highest degree, OCD about books and jilting Mr Darcy for Will Herondale. 

When not sitting glued to her computer screen, she is prone to fervent book obsessing sessions, daydreaming and has a bit of a personality crisis.
Spends days reading, sleeping, writing random short stories, or watching Austen movies for the hundredth time.

She loves her bookshelf (though she would love to trade it in for a Beauty and the Beast-esque library!) her computer, her friends and her followers. Loves anything to do with the fantasy world, would like to live in it and is open to any author requests for book reviews.
Hopes to one day publish one of her many unfinished stories, but in the meantime is happily munching away on Snickers bars waiting for fae to come knocking at her front door.
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