Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Four years later...

Today is my four-year anniversary. Life's been a little hectic so I haven't been posting, like at all. However, I am making strides to fixing that. Blogging has not been a part of my life as of late, since a lot has happened. I did end up missing my three-year anniversary, so as a result, I am going to be highlighting things from the past two years. 2017-2018 was an exciting year for me, I accomplished a lot of strides towards my end goal of publishing.

The idea of having a book blog was a long time coming. I had constantly thought about making it sooner, but I had no idea where to begin or what I even wanted on my blog content-wise. So four years ago today marks a huge accomplishment for myself. It also marks something else in my life that was very important. My blog helped me realize that I wanted to eventually work in the publishing industry. To my past self, that seemed like a huge task and something that was not going to come easy. However, with recent developments in my life, the dream of mine is slowly but surely coming. So I owe a lot to this blog, it has helped me figure out my life path, as well as meet new and amazing people to whom I call my friends today. Four years have breezed by, I can't wait to see what the next four may look like.  

This post is going to include some of my highlights from the past two blogging years, some thank yous to some very special bookish people, and some fun giveaways.

The last couple of blogging years was a bit hectic, but all in a good way. Back in December of 2017, I applied for an editorial internship with Entangled Publishing house, and I received it. It is also something that I am still currently doing and loving.  In January 2018, I applied for a position at my local beautiful independent bookstore, and got it! That has probably been one of my top favorite things about these past two years. It's been an amazing experience to be able to work hand in hand with books and the publishing industry.

Another huge highlight of mine that happened in May/June of 2018 was that I got to attend BEA and BookCon in New York for the first time ever. This experience was amazing and one I will likely never forget it.

Another exciting thing about my BEA experience was finally meeting some of the authors whom I have been a fan of for quite some time. I got to interview and meet Stephanie Garber, who is the author of the Caraval series. She was so lovely to interview and have a chat with. We even ended up fangirling over the Splintered series together. My co-workers and I interviewed two more authors as well, who were equally amazing and such lovely people, Lauren Oliver and Courtney Summers. As well while we were in New York we got to have dinner with Julie Eshbaugh as she is a super awesome person. Dinner was phenomenal and such a sweetie. 

This past year has been a lot about me figuring myself out, as well as the people in my life. I haven't been reading as much, but rather spending a lot more time doing the things I love to do. I have also focused a lot more on school than in my past years. I am still working at the lovely independent bookstore, as well as continued on with my editorial internship with Entangled Publishing.

The one major change to this blog is that I invited on a co-blogger, who I talk about in my introduction post to her here  . Serena has been a lovely addition to the blog, and I hope I can continue to work with her. 

This past year I also got the opportunity of becoming closer to the people I met at BEA/Bookcon in 2018. These people have been there to let me vent, fan girl, and virtual cry when I needed to. You people know who you are 💗. It amazes me at how close we have grown, and it makes me hopeful to try and go to BEA/Bookcon 2020 so that I get to see you all again. 

I will always have to thank the amazing people I have met within my city who fan girl and converse about books with me. These lovely ladies have been so amazing and I have loved every chance I get to interact with them, and I love all the new additions we have added in the past two years. These ladies are Stephanie from OhanaReads, Kristie from Lost in Ever After, Lauren, and Ola from The Autumn Bookshelf, Joy from Joyousreads, Sara from Just Another Story and Aneta from Angelic Book Reviews Erin from BlueStocking Bookworm, and Samantha from Spines in a Line.  Thank you for letting me in and becoming such wonderful friends of mine to whom I really enjoy talking with. The only thing we collectively need to work on is getting together more frequently. 

I must, no I NEED to thank Booknut from 21st Century Once Upon a Times, she is one of the biggest supports I could possibly have. I started talking to her before even having a blog, as we bonded over our love for the Splintered series. Shortly after she then answered every single one of my blogging questions, whenever I would throw them her way. She has also just been such an amazing friend, and a person I constantly love sharing my great news too. Booknut, you have been such an amazing friend these past years, and I can't wait to hopefully meet you one day. I always look forward to sending you your birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, and receiving yours because they are always spot on.  I know that we haven't been in constant communication as we once were, but she still holds a special place in my heart.

Another thanks are needed for my dear friend, a friend who shares the same date as this blog, almost. This thanks goes out to Alexis (Blogger over at Mad For Books, Luv) You have been the best Travel Buddy ever (only you will understand the name). You understand my craziness and embrace it. You're always there to talk too, and you are truly a great person. You're a cherished friend, and I await the day we can meet IRL. I can't believe tomorrow marks the day we started talking four years ago!! I know we don't talk as often, but I know that when we do catch up it brings me so much joy.

My final thanks goes out to my amazing co-blogger and newest bookish friend, Serena. You have been a pleasure getting to know you, and I look forward to every opportunity we get to chat about books and catch up. Also, thank you for being a contributor to this blog, I couldn't do it without you. 

I will be hosting TWO giveaways this time around. The first one is a mysterious ARC pile, including arcs from 2016-2019. The SECOND giveaway is a queer book of your choosing from a list I provide, since my blog started in the Month of Pride. 
These giveaways will close a month from today, so July 26, 2019.  Good luck to everyone who will enter. and they are INTL giveaway. 


Lauren said...

I really love your author of the month posts, great way to learn about new authors!

Mary-berry said...

Congrats!! ♥

Simon is my all time favourit!!

Antonela Ríos said...

What an accomplishment! Congratulations on four years, Sabrina! ♥
Sadly, I haven't read many queer books, which is why I'm so excited for this giveaway! But one that I absolutely loved was Two Boys Kissing, by David Levithan :)

fhms97 said...

carry on by rainbow rowell! :)

John Smith said...

"Tell me what one of your favorite posts have been from Beyond the Book Reviews?" I'm new to your site, but I've looked at your review of "A Court of Mist and Fury" and I see that you gave it 5 out of 5. I think maybe I should read it!

Graciela Fateche said...

My fav queer book is Autoboyography (by Christina Lauren). CONGRATULATIONS ON 4 YEARS!!!

John Smith said...

"What is your favourite queer book?" I'm not sure. Maybe "The Inheritor" by E.F. Benson!