Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hello everyone! Today on the blog its all about the sequel of Timebreaker by Tara Sim. Chainbreaker is the stunning sequel in this series and a good bridge between the first and what has to come in book three. This blog tour is hosted by Thomas Allen & Son, and stayed tuned until the end of the post as there is a giveaway!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Blog Tour~ Reign the Earth

Hello everyone, today on the blog I am joining Reigh the Earth blog tour hosted by Bloomsbury. Today's post is all about who we would want to team up with to essentially reign the earth. The choice was completely up to the bloggers, and this person could be fictional or a real. Be sure to check out the end of my post, as there is a giveaway in store as well!

While picking who I would want to reign the earth with I had a couple of ideas come to my mind. I could pick a person I knew in real life, like one of my blogger friends (Stephanie from OhanaReads, or Alexis from Mad For Books, Luv). However, I can actually explore the world with them. So I decided it would be cool to imagine a fictitious person to room and reign the earth with.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Blog Tour~ The Hazel Wood

Hello everyone! Today is my stop on The Hazel Wood blog tour hosted by Raincoast Books. 
I will be reviewing this book, which reminded me of my childhood and my fairytale obsession. As well, us bloggers were given an opportunity to ask the author one question, so stay tuned to the end of the post to see what Melissa Albert's answer was to my question.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Air Awakens book tag

When I first started my blog, me and my blogger friend Alexis from Mad For Books, Luv decided we wanted to make themed tags that correlated with certain holidays or events. We called it "LL & A's monthly book tag". Some of you may remember this, some of you may not. We unfortunately slowly ran out of ideas and that resulted in us stopping the tag. 

However, we had a lot of fun making the photos and coming up with the questions. So, with both of us constantly reading we decided that it would be fun to create tags that revolved around books. 

So each month Alexis and I will come up with a tag revolving around either a book or a book series. The questions are non-spoiler, and everyone can participate. Along with each tag, there will a photo for you to share around as well. This month we chose the Air Awakens series by Elise Kova. 

1. Vhalla is a library's apprentice if you could have an apprenticeship where or what would be?

Having an apprenticeship would be cool, but the actual idea of where is the tricky part. Could an apprentice and an intern be the same thing? I think I am going to treat it as the same in this situation and say that I would love to have a physical internship at a publishing house.

2. Vhalla battles with many friends by her side, which one of your blogger/booktuber friends would you like to battle alongside?

If I needed to go into a battle choosing some friends to help fight would be hard. Out of all my blogger and bookish friends, I feel like either Stephanie from Ohana Reads or Booknut from 21st Century Once Upon A Times. Alexis from Mad For Books, Luv would also be a worthy friend who would totally have my back.

3.  Aldrik finds a rose garden to be his quiet spot, what's your favourite place to read?

My favourite place to read is nowhere special, but in my bed covered in pillows and blankets. Its just super comfy and cozy. Plus its always super quiet so it helps me focus. 

4. If Baldair invited you to the Gala, what colour would you choose for your grown/suit?

I think a royal blue would be nice, something that is not too poof. 

5. Affinities are dangerous in the Solaris empire. There are WaterRunners, FireBearers, EarthBreakers, and WindWalkers. Which would you want to be?

The author Elise Kova actual made a quiz that helps you sort out your Affinity. You can find that out here

However, I would choose to be a FireBearer because I am always so cold. Plus with fire some posses the ability to see into the future, so that would be pretty cool. I have also taken the quiz before and ended up with FireBearer. SO, in the end, I think it was just meant to be. 

6. What book would you recommend to Vhalla Yarl if you ran into her at the library?

If I ran into Vhalla, I would definitely recommend The Cruel Prince by Holly Black because that book has a strong female protagonist. I feel like Vhalla would go for those kinds of books.

7. Baldairs Golden Gaurd consists of six members. If you had your own guard, who would be five book characters including yourself in it?

Choosing five characters to be apart of my guard is a tough one. There are so many characters who I would love to be in a guard with. I would love Jude from The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, Feyre from the ACOTAR by Sarah J Maas, Rowan from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. Julian from Caraval by Stephanie Garber, and lastly Alyssa from the Splintered series by A.G. Howard.

8. Between Jax, Daniel, and Baldair, who would you kiss, marry, and kill (If you don't know who those characters are, pick three characters from the same book and do the same verbs.)?

This is a very tough question becuase I love all of them, but I think I would marry Baldair, kiss Jax....and....kill......Daniel...

That was hard and broke my heart a little bit.

9. Vhalla's favourite dessert is a lemon cake, what kind of dessert would you like to eat while reading a book?

 I love ice cream cake. I am not a huge fan of actual cake, but ice cream cake is AMAZING!

10. In the Air Awakens series, which cover is your favourite?

My favourite cover would have to be Crystal Crowned for everything that it represents. Vhalla also looks super bad ass on the cover. The colours chosen as well were really pretty.

If you participate be sure to tag me or Alexis on social media. We will reshare all the posts done for it and attach it to our posts!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Welcoming 2018

Hello readers, November and December were hectic times for me with University winding down and the Winter term finishing up. However, while I was on a blog break I had some new ideas come to mind from the down time. So with welcoming the new year, I decided it was time to reinvent some blog ideas.

In my blog I would like to incorporate a lot of different posts then before. My usual posts end up being reviews and Waiting on Wednesdays. Though those posts will continue, I want to start opening up my blog to new and creative posts. I have given it a lot of thought, and decided on some features I would like to do weekly.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Top 17 of 2017

Hello all, today I would like to give you a taste of my top 17 books from 2017. This past year I have read 63 books. I thought this number was going to drastically drop with starting university, but I actually maintained a reasonable number.

This past year I did a lot of self-inflicted reading, as well as my review books. I think I have compiled a list of my favorite books I read this year. Not all of these books are 2017 releases, some are older books that I just never got too. SOME are books that are releasing in 2018 and I was fortunate enough to receive an early review copy.

So here are my top 17 reads of 2017...

Friday, December 22, 2017

A Series A Month

Hello everyone! Dani from Dani Review Things came up with a creative feature to help people tackle those series that they haven’t read yet. It’s called A Series A Month, and the challenge is basically how it sounds. Each month your goal is to tackle a new series. Now it doesn’t have to have released that year, but it just has to be new to you. This also means you can’t already have read the first book, as well, the book needs to have at least two out in the series to qualify.