Sunday, June 26, 2016

ONE year has come and gone

How exciting is this? To think that on this day exactly I decided to go create a bookish blog. A decision I will never regret.

This past year has been such a fulfilling experience. I have come so far in the book and blogging community, and I have met such amazing people.

One thing that makes this year even better is the countless support I get from my readers. I value each and every single comment, as well as the countless views on each post. It means the world to me to know that there are people out there who take the time to follow and look at my blog. So thank you to the readers who have been there since the start, and thank you to those who just recently decided to take a chance on me.

IN this post I will be sharing some highlighted moments and accomplishments that have taken place within the past year, as well as talking about the things I have learned and taken away from blogging itself. Some thank you's to some very special people who have made this past year possible. I'll be sharing some praise for Beyond the Book Reviews from some lovely bloggers and authors, who have taken the time to write up such wonderful things. ALSO at the bottom I'll have a total of 8 giveaways, contributed by authors I have worked with during this past year. So without further ado, lets get to sharing.

I would like to say that my very first accomplishment on my blog would've had to be when I published my first post; which happened to be a review for a very AMAZING book. The very first review and post on Beyond the Book Reviews was Summer on the Short Bus by the lovely Bethany Crandell (Click here if you wish to see what my first review was like).  I have come far in my reviewing process and set up, but I will always remember that first attempt.

A highlight and a very HUGE accomplishment on my blog has been "Author of the Month". I view this as being both. It's a highlight because when I get to communicate with these authors first hand, it is such an incredible experience. I have contacted many authors, all who have been so nice and lovely to talk too. It's also a highlight because with this feature I get to interview an author, so it is always fun to create the questions. I view it as an accomplishment because it has been a feature to continue every month since the first time I originally posted it. It's also an accomplishment in my eyes because it was one of the first feature I thought about doing continuously on my blog and have stuck to it.

A special highlight would be the feature "LL & A's Monthly Book Tag". I get to communicate with the very lovely Alexis (Blogger over on Mad for Books, Luv) to create these fun little bookish tags. We've had some success with them, but overall our only goal was to have fun and do the tags ourselves. Also to create a feature we could do together monthly. So I think we have succeeded on all those measures. We've fallen a little behind due to busy schedules, but there's sure to be one up for July.

A VERY BIG highlight and I guess accomplishment was creating the Air Awakens Fan Club over on Goodreads. I had fallen in love with the Air Awakens series by Elise Kova right after reading the description. It's a huge highlight because I can go over there to discuss all things Air Awakens, and I am a MOD along with some of the nicest people ever (Elise herself, Jamie, Dani, and Iris). Its a lovely accomplishment because currently the group has over 230 members, and it was the first and only group (so far) that I created on Goodreads.

A lovely highlight would be when I did my very first Character Interview. This interview was super fun and it was incredible to interview Jax from the Air Awakens Series by Elise Kova. I have only done the one since, but I plan to hopefully do more in the future. It is something I highly recommend trying.

My last accomplishment and highlight I will mention (I could go on forever, but this post is already getting quite lengthy) is my "Blogger of the Month" feature. This feature is only a couple months old and basically follows the same set up as my "Author of the Month" posts, but I am very glad I had thought to incorporate bloggers into my blog and feature. It's been quite rewarding to interview such talented book bloggers and lovely people.

~Highlighted and Most Popular Posts~

There are 6 very important things I have realized and learned about blogging during this past year.

1. Organization is key in order to achieve maximum posting and drafting. I always saw posts about peoples Blog planners, and I always thought "Who needs those anyway", YOU SO NEED ONE, I purchased my first ever planner, and it was in order to keep me sane through the madness of posts and making sure things were on time.

2. Blog hopping and commenting on others blogs is not only a fun little activity to do, but it is also something that can then bring back attention to your own blog.

3. Other bloggers are always super nice to reach out to when you are having technical difficulties.

4. Blogging is a lot more harder then it first originally looked. To maintain a blog and keep it aesthetically pleasing is what has kept me up at night. It's super fun to design, but there's a lot to do behind the scenes. Therefore I have come to appreciate every blog I have ever stumbled upon.

5. Blog tours are lovely to be a part of, however signing up for to many at once result in an overwhelming and stressful me. This also goes hand in hand with taking requests and making requests for books. Books are tempting, but it's also not good to overwhelm yourself with a HUGE TBR. I'm still trying to catch up, but I am getting there.

6. Lastly, it is okay not to post everyday. Some things require my attention first, and I don't need to stress if I haven't posted in a couple days.

My one year of blogging has been a journey, but there are some very special people who have not only helped me along my journey but have also become very cherished friends. This is totally going to seem like one of those award show speeches.

My first THANKS goes out to Linda (blogger over at LA LA in the Library) if it weren't for you, this blog would not be here today and we would not be celebrating my one year blogoversary. You not only were the encouraging person who helped me get the idea to start a blog, but you were the person I turned too every time I had a technical difficulty. You are also the person who proof read my very first review/post. You are always so kind and caring towards me. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for you, so I thank you very much for that.

My second THANKS goes out to Booknut (Blogger over at 21st Century Once Upon A Times ). Not only have you been such a lovely guest post on my blog, but also a very FUN person to write joint posts with. From the beginning you have been super supportive of all that I have done and thought of doing. You also have answered my MANY questions about blogging. I cherish every conversation we have, and I look forward to our future conversations.

My third THANKS goes out to Elise Kova, you single handily were the first author I ever approached about receiving a review copy from. I was a little late to ship for the first book, however since then I have been always lucky to receive a copy in advanced. I am thanking you because it was terrifying to take that step and contact an author, but I was met with such kindness, kindness I will never forget. I also want to take the time to thank you for being such and amazing friend, you give the greatest advice, and I always know you will be there to listen. To think that I started my journey as a lover of your books, and ended up becoming friends with you, It's a beautiful thought. I look forward to The Alchemists of Loom, and all your future writings.

My fourth THANKS goes out to Alexis (Blogger over at Mad For Books, Luv) You have been the best Travel Buddy ever (only you will understand the name). You understand my craziness and embrace it. You're always there to talk too, and you are truly a great person to create blog posts with. You're a cherished friend, and I await the day we can meet IRL.

My fifth THANKS goes out to Lauren, if it weren't for my blogging and getting submersed in the blogging world I may have never gotten the chance to talk to such a wonderful person. You always brighten up my day. I know we haven't talked as much, but hey, I am cheering you on as you plan your wedding (I am 100% positive it'll be stunning). I love the conversations between us. Thank you for always being there to talk to me and give me such wonderful advice.

My final THANKS goes out to every author who has contacted me in regards to reviewing their books. Every author who agreed to be apart of my little feature. Every author who has fancied my time and responded to my emails and messages. Every author who has made such wonderful comments about my blog. THANK you all for creating such wonderful books. It has been a pleasure working with such amazing people, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

"Library Luv (Sabrina) goes out of her way to recognize new & upcoming authors as both a reviewer and blogger. She's a well-recognized (and loved) part of the online book community and I've had such a great experience working with her. There are book bloggers that are amazing, and then there are book bloggers and reviewers that just go over the top -she's the latter! I hope to work on many future collaborations with her and would happily recommend her blog to anyone!" ~Rachel E. Carter, Author of The Black Mage Series

“Beyond the Book Reviews adds so much to the book community. Not only does Sabrina have Author and Bloggers of the month, but she contributes to discussions about books and actively engages with her audience to bring them the best book content possible.” ~ Jamie, Blogger over at Books and Ladders, BAMF, and Queen of the Bookshelves.

“Beyond the Book Reviews always delivers a refreshing perspective. The love of books bleeds through in all their work.” ~ Justin Holley, Author of the Bruised Trilogy

“I met Sabrina fangirling about one of our favorite authors, A.G. Howard, and her Splintered series. We really bonded on Twitter, so I was delighted when she decided to start her own book blog. She has done a marvelous job this year promoting not only her favorite authors, but other bloggers, too; with her Author Of the Month and Blogger Of the Month features. I am looking forward to what she plans on presenting to us in the next year. Congratulations, Library Luv!” ~ Linda, Blogger over at LA LA IN THE LIBRARY.

"Library Luv is a booklover and blogger who puts her all into everything she writes and creates. Her passion for books and for the book community shines through her beautiful blog. Collaborating with someone as kind and loving as Library Luv is anything but a task - it's always the highest of pleasures. I can honestly count Library Luv as one of my truest friends and as one of the gems that makes the book community so very special. If you love books - and love experiencing them through the eyes of someone who ADORES books! - then Library Luv and her blog are most certainly your cup of tea."~Booknut, Blogger over at 21st Century Once Upon A Times

“First of all, I'd like to congratulate Sabrina on her BLOGOVERSARY! Sabrina is one of the sweetest girls I know, and she's always putting a smile on someone's face. She is always looking to help others and I'm so happy to call her my friend. I also love her never-ending creativity! It's inspiring. She is definitely a person you should befriend!” ~ Nori, blogger over at ReadWriteLove28

“Sabrina's blog is a mix of everything a reader and a blogger would enjoy. Everything's perfectly arranged and categorized. Sabrina is one of the sweetest people in the community, too! I looooove her so much.” ~ Jasmine, blogger over at Jasmine Pearl Reads

"I love Library Luv's enthusiasm for books and the authors who write them. Her blog is beautiful and well-organized. She puts so much heart and honesty into all her reviews. She's simply amazing and I can't wait to see what she has to say in the years to come on her blog. Happy Blog Anniversay, Sabrina!" ~ Brenda Drake, Author of Thief of Lies

"I met Library Luv via twitter while she was reading my Splintered series. Her love for books (not just mine but so many others!) is contagious. And she's also a talented artist in her own right. She created one of my favorite pieces of Splintered fan art . Sabrina's done an amazing job of networking just in this first year of blogging, and with her professionalism during interviews and effervescent personality online, I know she's destined for success. I look forward to chatting books with her in the years to come! Happy Blogoversary, Sabrina!" ~ A.G. Howard, author of the Splintered Series, The Architect’s Song, and RoseBlood

I have some wonderful giveaways in store, but first I would like to say a huge thanks to all the authors who offered up some amazing prizes. This part of the day couldn't have been done without you, and I want you all to truly know that I am overwhelmed with love and kindness towards each and every single one of you.

{INTL} Magical Prize Pack~ Courtesy of Elise Kova, Rachel E. Carter, and Michelle Madow

{CA ONLY}Kanin Chronicles Prize pack~ Courtesy of Amanda Hocking

{INTL, as long as book depository ships to you} We Love Purple and Green prize pack~ Courtesy of Brenda Drake

{INTL} Dreamer Prize pack~ Courtesy of E. J. Mellow

{US ONLY} Summer love Prize Pack ~ Courtesy of Bethany Crandell 

{INTL} Oftomes Prize pack ~ Courtesy of Oftomes publishing and authors  

{INTL} A.G. Howard Swag Pack~ Courtesy of A.G. Howard herself

{INTL} 3 Mystery Swag packs   


Jamie @ Books and Ladders said...

Congrats on your one year! I love reading your blog and hope there are many more years to come still :)

Melissa @thereaderandthechef said...

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, SABRINA! *throws book-shaped confetti* This is such a great accomplishment and certainly a thing to celebrate. You are one seriously cool blogger and I'm so glad to have 'met' you online (and one day possibly in real life!). Cheers to many more happy blogging years! ♥

Melissa @thereaderandthechef said...

AAH, favorite book with magic is Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen (as you probably already know ;) )

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Hope to see more wonderful posts in the years to come. Keep up the good work!

Sabrina said...

Thank you Jamie so do I :)

La La in the Library said...

A big yes to more book tags! I will be looking forward to July's edition. The first year of blogging is the most difficult, so you've got this! Thanks for the shoutout. Next to promoting indie authors, helping new book bloggers get set up and going is also my passion. I was so happy when you decided to start blogging. Keep up the great work and congratulations!

Unknown said...

So many of my favorite books have magic, but I'd have to say that Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas is the best.

By the way, congratulations!

Maria C. said...
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Maria C. said...

Oohhh!! Happy Blogoversary :) I'm soo excited for you :)
My favourite book with magic is Harry Potter :)
My favourite dream consists of eating a lot of cakes and ice-cream while I'm playing hide-and-seek hahah
My favourite post of your blog is "Guest Post~ CliffHangers" LOL :)

Booknut101 said...

Happiest of blogoversaries beautiful Library Luv! May this one be a joyful celebration for you, and the beginning of many more <3 <3 <3

Thank you for being the lovely bookworm you are *sends lots of hugs*

My favourite book with magic has to be Air Awakens by Elise Kova <3
My favourite dream was one where I was lost in the middle of an Alice in Wonderland-esque maze. The visuals were stunning!
My favourite post has to be the one we co-wrote on the Air Awakens series - the survival guide! I had so much fun working with you on it and your survival tips are everything :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one year blogaversary! What an exciting year you've had and can only hope and wish for many more for you! Thank you so much for hosting all these fun giveaways!

Agustina Z said...

Yay! Congrats! Happy Blogoversary!!!
My favorite book with magic is Splintered by A. G. Howard. That counts, right? I just love that book so much! Thank you for the AMAZING giveaways!

ErikaJoyLopez said...

Congrats! My fave book with magic is Throne of Glass.

ErikaJoyLopez said...

Congrats! My fave book with magic is Throne of Glass.

Anonymous said...

So far, my fave post is the one with the Air Awakens series.

Theresa Snyder said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!! You are going an amazing job with your blog!!!!
My favorite book with magic is still Harry Potter. There's just something about that series, still my all-time favorite!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your one year of blogging! Yet! 🙌💜💜💜
My favorite book with magic is Harry Potter.
My favorite post is the one with Elise Kova's book. :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your first year anniversary in the blogging world!

I can't believe I just discovered your blog today! I'm so old, omg. But even though I just discovered your blog today, I;m so amazed by it! I could tell all your stress and staying up late paid off pretty well.

I don't have a favorite post yet cause I still haven't fully explore your blog.But I will!

Congratulations again on your 1st year Blogoversary!!!

Unknown said...


This account is my brother's! I forgot. The account I've entered was Sorry though.

Unknown said...

Ah, so many congrats on one year! You have done a fantastic job with blogging, so here's to more great years of blogging! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I'm really happy for you! My blog just recently turned three and I know how exciting it can be! :)

Unknown said...

congratulations! keep blogging!
my favorite book with magic is iron fey, my favorite post is the interview with jax!

javalotta said...
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javalotta said...
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javalotta said...

My favorite book that includes magic is Splintered (series) by AG Howard. Congratulations my friend! You are one of my favorite bloggers and Twitter friends.❤️

Agustina Z said...

Congrats again! I have a lot of amazing dreams, but my last favorite was about Splintered. The place was dark and beautiful. I was preparing for battle and Jeb was there... and of course, Morpheus was there too! ♥ And there were so many hats LOL
Oh I really want to read Tears of Time. The Starbright series sounds awesome too
Thank you so much for the amazing giveaways!