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LL & A's Monthly book tag

Welcome back to Alexis from I'M MAD FOR BOOKS, LUV and mine monthly book tag.

Every month we thought it would be fun to come up with a theme and to go along with that chosen theme, a tag. However it wouldn't be just your average tag, the questions would relate to books which in the end will also relate back to our theme for that month. So I guess you could call it a book tag.
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We welcome anyone to join. If you do participate, we ask that you notify one of us via My Twitter or Alexis's Twitter, or by commenting on either of our posts with the link to how you did this book tag. In doing so it allows us to add the link to your book tag to that months book tag post on our blogs. We also ask that you somehow link back to us as well.
 This Months theme is: 
Single or Taken?


1)    A book couple that you would want to hang out with?
~One couple from one book series is a tough question; however I would choose Alyssa and Jeb from the Splintered Series. Both are really into art, so I think it would be a fun and rewarding experience.

2)    A couple that aren't together but you want together?
~This thought is actually recent because I just finished reading Earth’s End, and for some who have read this book by Elise Kova you may or may not understand, BUT it would be interesting to see Jax and Elecia together as a couple. I mean who knows maybe it’ll come in the future, or it won’t, but I enjoyed reading parts that involved a conversation between the two of them here and there.

3)    What are two of your favourite ships?
~Cole & Ali from the White Rabbit Chronicles
Will & Tessa from the Infernal Devices Series

4)    What is your favorite book that has pink on the cover?
~So I spent a good hour staring at my bookshelf before finally being able to answer this question but in the process I did realize something. I have practically no books that contain the colour pink in their covers. Anyway, I am going to go with INK by Amanda Sun, it has pink and it is definitely a book many should read.

5)    What character would you want to spend Valentine’s Day with?
~Is it wrong to say that I have two answers for this question…I just couldn’t narrow it down to one. I know that I have already mentioned Jax once before, however he is one epic, sarcastic, and awesome book character. I believe it would be a ton of fun to spend a Valentine’s day/date with him. My next choice is Noah Shaw from Mara Dyer trilogy. Everything about this boy was absolutely great.

6)    What’s your favorite Valentines treat to read with?
~I LOVE Morden’s Russian mints… THEY ARE TO DIE FOR. So I am going to pick that.

7)    Which two characters would you ship together that are from two different books?
~This maybe a really odd answer… BUT
Merik from Truthwitch by Susan Dennard and Vhalla from Air Awakens by Elise Kova.
It would be interesting to watch the two of them interact.

8)    What is your favourite book that has romance worked into it?
~Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.
The romance is subtle but there, and it just ties in nicely with everything else that is going on in the storyline.

9)    What is your favourite contemporary romance novel?
P.S. I StillLove You by Jenny Han.

10) A new released novel you LOVED?

That’s my tag for this month! I can’t wait to see people’s responses to these questions. Also sorry for so much mention on the Air Awakens Series, I just can’t help it sometimes. The Series is just absolutely brilliant.

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