Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Four years later...

Today is my four-year anniversary. Life's been a little hectic so I haven't been posting, like at all. However, I am making strides to fixing that. Blogging has not been a part of my life as of late, since a lot has happened. I did end up missing my three-year anniversary, so as a result, I am going to be highlighting things from the past two years. 2017-2018 was an exciting year for me, I accomplished a lot of strides towards my end goal of publishing.

The idea of having a book blog was a long time coming. I had constantly thought about making it sooner, but I had no idea where to begin or what I even wanted on my blog content-wise. So four years ago today marks a huge accomplishment for myself. It also marks something else in my life that was very important. My blog helped me realize that I wanted to eventually work in the publishing industry. To my past self, that seemed like a huge task and something that was not going to come easy. However, with recent developments in my life, the dream of mine is slowly but surely coming. So I owe a lot to this blog, it has helped me figure out my life path, as well as meet new and amazing people to whom I call my friends today. Four years have breezed by, I can't wait to see what the next four may look like.  

This post is going to include some of my highlights from the past two blogging years, some thank yous to some very special bookish people, and some fun giveaways.