Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Unbound {The Griever's Mark #3} by Katherine Hurley ~ Cover Reveal

Hello everyone! Today I am super excited and one of the very lucky people who gets to partake in Katherine Hurley's cover reveal for Unbound the third and final book in The Griever's Mark trilogy.

My love for her books has grown stronger and stronger every time I was lucky enough to read her books. She is a brilliant fantasy writer who sets the world of her books perfectly. I have reviewed the first two previous  books in The Griever's Mark Trilogy; The Griever's Mark (book 1) & Chains of Water and Stone (book 2)

Now without further ado, the stunning cover for Unbound is here....

Thursday, December 24, 2015

LL & A's Monthly Book Tag ~December

Welcome back to Alexis from I'M MAD FOR BOOKS, LUV and mine monthly book tag.

Every month we thought it would be fun to come up with a theme and to go along with that chosen theme, a tag. However it wouldn't be just your average tag, the questions would relate to books which in the end will also relate back to our theme for that month. So I guess you could call it a book tag.
To see the officially launch page click here 

We welcome anyone to join. If you do participate, we ask that you notify one of us via My Twitter or Alexis's Twitter, or by commenting on either of our posts with the link to how you did this book tag. In doing so it allows us to add the link to your book tag to that months book tag post on our blogs. We also ask that you somehow link back to us as well.
 This Months theme is:
End of the Year

Thursday, December 10, 2015

December TBR

It's another new month, and with that comes a whole new set reading list in which I have planned for myself. I feel like December came around a little faster than I would've liked, but hey, new books for me to read and get my hands on. I know that I am a little late but hey, better late than never.

My T.B.R. for December has around Twelve books on it, so it should be an interesting month, and hopefully I can get to all the books.

The books are:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December Author of the Month & Spotlight

Hello everyone! It's another new month and with that comes a new Author of the Month. This will consist of a post that includes an interview with the chosen author, along with featuring them in my sidebar for that entire month.  New feature I started on my blog in September (Refer HERE if you would like to see the original post & if you would like to be apart of this as an author).

December's author is Bethany Crandell

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Guest Post: Badass Book Besties

Hello Everyone! Today the lovely Booknut will be joining us yet again for another awesome guest post.
BookNut is the blogger over at 21st Century Once Upon a Times. Her blog consists of all kinds of delightful book related topics, as well as her amazing YA & NA book reviews are featured there. 

I hope you all enjoy her post on Badass Book Besties. If you like what you read, make sure to check out more of her book discussions and reviews over on her blog. 

Books are filled with characters that you wish were real. We’ve all come across characters we’d love to hang out with, tell our problems to, laugh with…or work with to hatch a plan to save the world! Some book characters just seem like they’d make the most amazing best friends, if only they were real.
So with that in mind, I’m going to be picking my top three Badass Book Besties – three characters that I would love to have as a part of my friend squad any day.