Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Quotables #1

Thursday Quotables is a weekly meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies 


Its all about sharing a quote, passage, or line from a book that you have read recently. The quote can be anything, because it's obviously worthy if you feel like its worth mentioning. 

This week's quote is coming from 

The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things is a standalone YA contemporary romance. It follows the journey of two teens that are equally broken in their own ways, but hopefully can mend each other back to being whole.

I started reading this book and I am already halfway done. The one quote that I feel is worthy enough to mention today would be this one:

"I came here looking to finish school quietly. Stay out of trouble. Maybe write some new songs. I never expected you."

This quote was so sweet and a turning point in the novel because both teens struggle with allowing people in and opening up to others. The male is more secluded before the female protagonist makes  quite an effort to befriend him. They both have their background stories and together I feel like they could open up and help one another.

Have any of you read this book? What's your favourite quote of this week?


About the Book 

Sage Czinski is trying really hard to be perfect. If she manages it, people won’t peer beyond the surface, or ask hard questions about her past. She’s learned to substitute causes for relationships, and it’s working just fine… until Shane Cavendish strolls into her math class. He’s a little antisocial, a lot beautiful, and everything she never knew she always wanted.

Shane Cavendish just wants to be left alone to play guitar and work on his music. He’s got heartbreak and loneliness in his rearview mirror, and this new school represents his last chance. He doesn’t expect to be happy; he only wants to graduate and move on. He never counted on a girl like Sage.

But love doesn’t mend all broken things, and sometimes life has to fall apart before it can be put back together again…


Konna said...

This sounds so interesting! The quote you chose shows perfectly how many romances work. I love it :)

Aeriko @

Amy @ A Novel Start said...

Aww, I love the quote! It's really beautiful :) Really makes you think about young love...

Anonymous said...

Nice quote! I love the unexpected nature of the romance. I got an ARC of this book and haven't read it yet, but now you've got me thinking about it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

Unknown said...

Aw that quote is beautiful, I love it! It really makes you think about love and life and opening yourself up to the possibility of letting someone in. Nice one! :)