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Get Offa That Slump ~ Review your favourite book

Rachel, from Beauty and the Bookshelf came up with the idea of this blogging extravaganza.
It started on Wednesday March 9th and runs for the next three weeks until March 30th.
There are three prompts a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However is it definitely not required to do them all. Each day's post will have a Linky, so we as blogger participating can all blog hop and see what others have posted. If you wish to learn and have more information, you can view all the details: HERE

For today's prompt I got the choice between "Don't Post That Venting Review/Bash That Book" or "Review Your Favorite Book Ever
AFTER a very long decision process I went with the Review Your Favorite Book Ever. 

Brief Description (Taken from Rachel's blog): This entire review would be incoherent spewing coming from your heart because you love this book. You're not even really reviewing it. You are writing a love poem, a sonnet for this book, and possibly buying it an engagement ring and lots of chocolate (but keep it away from the pages!).

The book, or I guess the book series I am choosing to write my incoherent love letter to is the Air Awakens series. Okay, so I am well aware that I talk about this book a lot, however I do it in the most professional way I possible can. When writing the reviews, I need them to all make sense. SO I have never truly fangirled.  

The way I am going to go about writing this "review" is in a letter format to the author, Elise Kova. That way I can base what I am saying off of the entire series and it will all be directed to one person. Hopefully my fangirl will make a little bit of sense.

Here goes nothing...

Dear Elise Kova,

I can honestly say that I have been in love with your series ever since I read Iris's post about it well before the book was to release. 

Everything about it caught my attention. From the STUNNING cover (Which in turn led to drooling over even MORE stunning covers as each book released), STUNNING story line, and EVEN MORE STUNNING characters.

Before I go on though, we are going to take a moment of silence to allow some breathing to happen, because I won't be breathing after this next fangril sesh. 

**Breathes in...Breathes out**

Okay, I NEED to mention and applaud you for what brilliant characters you have created (Particularly of the male specimen). For starters you throw at us this dark, cold, and yet very charming Crown Prince. He's all like "You can stare (not a lot), but you definitely can't touch" and I am over here like "GIMME a HUG ALREADY".  Aldrik, has been such a delightful little thing to read about
OH and then we have HIS brother... okay I won't go into TOO much detail. Since I am pretty sure Jamie over at Books and Ladders has COMPLETE rights over him, but WOW. HE is honestly equally as cunningALSO his development as a character just keeps getting more and more attractive
So then, after we have these two already(kind of) prefect males, YOU, ELISE, throw at us Daniel. AND I am going to say.. "DAMNN DANIEL". He's so SWEET, especially to Vhalla. He was such a joy to read about. I can honestly say that I want to read so much more of him.
SO LAST but certainly not least, we get JAX. Well... you see Elise, until Earth's End I knew which male character was my favourite, but then you just decided to drop the "JAX BOMB" on us and WOW, what an explosion is ended up being. I think what I like the most about him is his humourPLEASE tell me we will be seeing more of him throughout the rest of the series?

Phew, okay, NOW that I covered MY major fangirling topic. I am going to move on for you.

YOUR STORY (I was honestly just going to say that, but I thought "Why not expand"). Elise, the system you have created here, in my eyes, is quite a unique one. Magic is viewed as the oddity and people are terrified of those who can use this magic. I LOVE any novel that includes magic... I don't there is just something magical about it. Anyway, Elise the way you have laid out he Air Awakens series has been absolutely wonderful. I HAVE NEVER LOST INTEREST ONCE. Which (this may sound bad) is good coming from me because I usually tend to sometimes get a little uninterested after the third book. BUT fear not, I am NOT even CLOSE to having that feeling towards the Air Awakens series.    

Last but not least..let's talk about the emotions and expressions you have put me through
This will be best shown in GIFS... ENJOY
SO as the story in Air Awakens progressed, this was basically how I was feeling and how I was looking as I was reading..HEHE

SO then I finished Air Awakens and I felt like this GIF below BECAUSE I NEEDED FIRE FALLING!

THEN I got my copy of Fire Falling and I was

AND THEN Elise for a majority of the novel you took my vulnerable heart and you crushed it and completely smashed it 

I WANT to say that I was more composed... but let's be honest, I definitely WASN'T THIS composed. Fire Falling completely destroyed me.

Elise you are an absolute master AT controlling emotions, I don't even want to start with the GIFs for Earth's End. MY emotions were ALL over the place. Up and then Down, and then Up and then Down.

So OVERALL ELISE, you've got yourself a totally obessed fan who is here to stay FOREVER!

Library Luv

P.S. I am also a COMPLETE fangirl over your sketches and drawings!!

Want to check out Elise's book? Click on the image to find out more:

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