Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Affintiy Tour: Burn Baby Burn (Firebearer)

Hello everyone! As you may have seen in my first information post about the Affinity Tour HERE, We, the Goodreads Fan Club for Air Awakens have decided to have a fun little activity take place while we await the release of Fire Falling; the stunning sequel to Air Awakens. 

In this activity you get to choose or take Elise's QUIZ to see which affinity you truly match, and then on the set date, post a paragraph or two on why this affinity suits you best and what you would do with this instant magic for a day. 

{Photo creds to Dani for making this graphic :D}


I have taken the quiz on several occasions for the fun of it and it's all resulted in the same Affinity. My Affinity it quite hot and includes one of the swooniest characters alive that can master it. You may or may not have guessed mine yet, but if you still haven't, my Affinity is:

Your emotions run hot and people know you have fire in your veins. You can be a warm heat to those who get close to you. But, when crossed, that warmth can easily turn into an inferno. In a scrap you prefer to fight with your fists, alight with fire, over weapons.

You think deeply about the future because you can hone your ability to see along the red lines of fate that connects everyone in the world. Perhaps you keep this gift of future-seeing to yourself. Or, perhaps you sell it in a Curiosity Shop.

You are just like: Crown Prince Aldrik and Larel Neiress

There are many reasons as to why I would want to be a Firebearer, and why it totally made sense as to why I got it in all my attempts at my quiz.

For starters, who wouldn't want to be best friends with the beautiful crown prince Aldrik and Larel Neiress, okay that's presuming that they would even want a creepy stalker anywhere near them. Kidding, I am not a stalker, I just like what I see and want it. Also it probably would be very cool to train next to them. Ironically, before I could be biased about the Affinities I had taken the quiz without knowing any of the characters and still got Firebearer, however once I did get to reading Air Awakens I felt warm inside (no pun intended, is that even a pun? LOL) knowing that I could be theoretically like one of them. So if that isn't a prefect reason to be a Firebearer, I have another reasons why.

Where I have lived my entire life, it's like the freaking Arctic 75% of the year. Okay, maybe the Arctic would even be a little more warmer than where I live. There could be minor exaggeration in that, however it doesn't make it any less colder here. So I am assuming that either I would always be warm as a Firebearer, because I have/feel firing flowing through my veins and body. If this however wasn't the case, I would probably just sit or stand in a fire during the winter months, SINCE fire can't kill me, otherwise I would be a toasty marshmallow by the time Summer actually decided to come around. So I believe that is another prefect reason as to why I could be a Firebearer, or really why anyone could be a Firebearer.

What I would do for a day:
If I had the opportunity to fulfill my destiny of becoming a Firebearer for a day, I believe I would have tons of fun. This was a little challenging to think of, however I think I came up with my prefect dream day.

I would probably start off my day by visiting the coldest and most scenic ice cave on Earth. I have always thought that the way ice freezes over is super pretty, along with all the other surroundings; it would just be absolutely gorgeous. I would do this also because I would have the luxury of keeping myself warm, as well keeping some hot chocolate nice and warm with my own fire.

After the amazing ice cave adventure, I would probably want to help out some local fire stations, since I couldn't get burned or killed from the fire. I would also be an extra helping hand for the fireman, which is a plus. Also since in the description of being a Firebearer, it states that "you keep this gift of future-seeing to yourself" I wouldn't want to keep it to myself, and I would want to help predict where some house fires would potentially break out and get people to safety before they are even at risk. I think it would be a very rewarding way to use my magic ability.

Then after spending my day at the Fire Station and helping people, I would go home, roast some marshmallows (more like burn the marshmallows because I prefer them black or crispy) with my hands while watching Netflix in the dark. I would probably also end up melting some chocolate and having some very hot and fresh fondue. Now I have accomplished making myself very hungry with just these thoughts.

Finally to conclude my night, I would get all cozy in my bed, find the prefect book to read, and make myself some tea. You are probably thinking "where does the fire magic fit in?", well instead of using my reading lamp, I would have a couple flames emitting enough light to make the pages of my book readable. Ahhh, I just get all fuzzy inside thinking about not having to use the gross light of lamps. Fun fact: I hate authentic lighting, such as light bulbs, unfortunately it's a necessity of life; unless you can light up your hands and surroundings with fire.

That is how I would spend my day if I would be fortunate enough to be a Firebearer. What Affinity are you? & What would YOU do with this power for a day?

ALSO don't forget about the read along that Elise is hosting for Air Awakends from October 25 to November 15. There will be deleted scenes, giveaways, and a chance to ask her all those BURNING questions about the Air Awakens world! (https://www.facebook.com/events/10372...)

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