Tuesday, March 14, 2017

OwlCrate Unboxing~ Febuary

Hello readers! Today I bring you another very special post, one I am very excited to share! Last month, I shared with you all my very first Owlcrate unboxing. Today marks my second unboxing.

For those of you who don't know what OwlCrate is, it is a monthly subscription box that includes a new YA release plus merch pertaining around the set theme for that month.

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I was super excited for this months box. The theme was Run away with the Circus. I had a strong feeling that it was going to be a certain book that I was very much looking forward too. The overall of this box for this month was good. I loved a lot of the items included.

The first thing I grabbed out of the box were these super cute and carnival themed page flags designed by Girl of All Work.

The next item I grabbed out was this very crafty mini notepad from Attic Journals. I further discovered that all of their journals are hand crafted.

The next two things I unboxed together were a lip balm from Geek Fire Labs and a wonderful candle handmade from Frostbeard Studio's.

 The next thing I unboxed was the one thing I had been absolutely anticipating since finding out there would be one in this months box...A EVIE BOOKISH TOTE BAG. How beautiful is this? There were two different colours featured in this months. I got the beautiful red one.

Then for the book of this month..it was Caraval!! I had got to read this book earlier on because a lovely book blogger Jamier over at Books and Ladders. This book was my all time fave read of 2016, and thus far is my favourite of 2017.

Along with the book came a beautiful hand written letter from Stephanie Garber, as well as a signed book plate.

It also came with an exclusive quote card and a card that allowed me to hear a sneak peak of Caraval.

This is a picture of the box as a whole.. in its beautiful glory

Stay tuned for next months which is Sailors, Ships and Seas

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