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Stalking Jack the Ripper Read along

Hello all my fellow readers, I am happy to say that yesterday was the launch of the Jack the Ripper read along hosted by yours truly and Ava from Bookishness and tea. We have teamed up with Kerri to add a little extra something to this read along. I have decided to make a special blog post so that you can be aware of whats in store and what swag you could be receiving! Also check out the bottom of the post to see the characters at a glance!

First off, the read along began on October 17th and will end the following week on the 28th. The chapters have been broken down so that it is easier to keep progress with the read along, however by all means you can read Stalking Jack the Ripper at whatever pace you wish.

As well, during the read along Kerri has prepared some exclusive bonus content and chapter thoughts to go with this fun event! So keep your eyes open for those special posts as well. 

~The schedule for the read along looks like this~
  • Monday, October (start date) 17th read chapter 1 and end at the start of chapter5 
  •  October 18th Chapters 1-4 thoughts on blogs ~Ava, Zee, and Booknut
  • Wednesday, October 19th read chapter 5 and end at the start of chapter 10
  • October 20th Chapters  5-9 thoughts on blogs ~ Sabrina , Nicole’s Novel Reads
  • Friday, October 21st read chapter 10 and end at the start of chapter 15
  • October 22nd Chapters 10-14 thoughts on blogs~ Nicole (Little Fantasy Land)
  • Sunday, October 23rd read chapter 15 and end at the start of chapter 20
  • ·         October 24th Chapters 15-19 thoughts on blogs~ Irene
  • Tuesday, October 25th read chapter 20 and end at the start of chapter 25
  • ·      October 26th Chapters 20-24 thoughts on blogs~ Sabrina (Library Luv)
  • Thursday, October 27th read chapter 25 and read  till end of the book
  • ·      October 28th Chapters 25-end on blogs ~ Jordan, Nisha
  • Saturday October 29th, there will be a non-spoiler twitter chat

To celebrate the end of the read along Sabrina (@Splintered_Luv) will be hosting a twitter chat to not only to discuss some non spoiler questions we may have for the author about the book, but also just to chat amongst the fans of SJTR.
If you as a reader cannot wait to begin chatting about the book, fear not! There is a Stalking Jack the Ripper read along Goodreads group with discussion threads for each of the chapter segments. Be for warned, these are discussion threads so everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also this group discussion is to talk about the opinions of the book and not to attack the author personally. That can be found here https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/197534-sjtr-read-along

Also the last information that is a need to know is the special swag to go along with this Read along! Kerri has been very generous and is opening up the opportunity to those who review the books to receive a signed personalized bookplate. To qualify for one of these bookplates, you would have to have participated in the read along in some way; be it by tweeting about it, commenting on one of the discussion threads, or simply joining us for the twitter chat on the 29th. The second thing that qualifies you, more so then just simply participating in the the read along is to post a review within a month after the read along concludes. SO by November 28th, have a review up on Goodreads or Amazon/Barnes and Noble or on your blog and you get the opportunity to receive a personalized bookplate.

To enter your information to receive a bookplate fill out this Google form (https://goo.gl/forms/1FhWZmvjjoiWSBNQ2 ) OR if you are feel more comfortable with emailing the address you can email sjtrreadalong@gmail.com

Also if you have any questions, concerns, or just simply wish us to clarify on something email sjtrreadalong@gmail.com
 ~Characters at a Glance~

Audrey Rose Wadsworth:

17 year old girl
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Black (Long)
Ethnicity: Indian and English

Traits: Being a highborn Victorian girl, she’s really into dresses and fabrics—she admires good seamstress work but her reasons for it aren’t so typical of the day: she’s skilled with stitching human skin back together. Audrey Rose is also into sketching anatomical drawings in a journal. (And she loves wielding a scalpel.) She’s feisty, intelligent, loves science and isn’t afraid to live authentically in a world that’s trying to be as crushing as her corsets. I admire her strength and conviction to solve this case and save other women from such a brutal fate.
Her relationship with Thomas is similar to Sherlock and Watson. (She would be the Watson in this. Thomas is *definitely* more Sherlock.)
Aditi Rao Hydari would be the perfect Audrey on screen because she was born into two royal lineages, is elegant yet fierce, and screams Audrey Rose to me. Place a scalpel in her hands and add some Victorian finery, and my main character would spring to life!

Thomas Cresswell:
17 year old boy
Eyes: Brown with flecks of gold
Hair: dark brown
Ethnicity: Romanian and English
Traits: Thomas is also highborn, though like most things in his life, it’s a mystery of exactly where his family comes from. He’s so intelligent and blunt that he comes across as an automaton. (Think Sherlock when he’s solving a case.) Thomas believes that you can read clues on people and discover anything by applying a mathematical formula to them. He’s a shameless flirt when it comes to Audrey Rose and he’s always saying things that push the boundary of polite society. Audrey can’t decide if she wants to kiss or kill him more most days. 

Thomas admires Audrey Rose and doesn’t quite know what to do with these new feelings he’s experiencing. He tends to bounce between two extremes: warm and flirty, and cold and serious. It's as if he's torn between two paths in life and can't decide which way to go.

Douglass Booth would make a great Thomas on screen because there’s something about his smoldering look that can light even the most determined girl’s heart on fire. I think he’d be able to pull off the witty banter and get away with more of the “inappropriate” things Thomas say while pushing his own societal boundaries.

(Both photos are credited to google and their respective rights owners.)

Will you being joining us for this read along?

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