Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Welcoming 2018

Hello readers, November and December were hectic times for me with University winding down and the Winter term finishing up. However, while I was on a blog break I had some new ideas come to mind from the down time. So with welcoming the new year, I decided it was time to reinvent some blog ideas.

In my blog I would like to incorporate a lot of different posts then before. My usual posts end up being reviews and Waiting on Wednesdays. Though those posts will continue, I want to start opening up my blog to new and creative posts. I have given it a lot of thought, and decided on some features I would like to do weekly.

One year I had partaken in Nori’s blogger challenge. Each group was responsible and tasked with creating new features people could host on their blogs. My group ended up creating “Aesthetics Addicts.” Each post would include an aesthetic and potentially a review for a set genre. I loved doing these because it let me be artsy, and my artistic heart fell in love. After a year the posts were done and I haven’t really ever done it again. I would like to start posting a new aesthetic every Monday; a fun mindless post to start the week. Aesthetics are also called mood boards for books, so this post will be called Mood-Board Mondays (this must be a thing somewhere, mine will be all book related, and is just the name of the series of thes posts).

Another thing I would love to start showcasing more on my blog is fanart. The countless things created for series is something else. Fans have so much dedication and I have fallen in love with so many different artists. So every Friday I would like to include a post that showcases two of my favourite pieces of the week. I used to draw a lot back when I started my blog and I always loved when some of my fanart would get attention, so why not showcase my favourites. It'll be any kind of fanart I find interesting. This feature will be called Fanart Fridays. 

One of my dearest bloggers friends BookNut from 21st Centruy Once Upon a Times started doing a drink your way through books tea editions; featuring books and their characters perfect blend. I am absolutely in love with all kinds of teas and so this post spoke to my heart. I asked if I could start including this kind of feature on my blog and she accepted. So I think from now on,  I am going to try and have a "Drink Your Way Through ______ Tea Edition" as often as a I can. A feature that will include the prefect blends for some of our perfect characters.

Lastly,  every month Alexis from Mad for Books Luv, and I will be creating a new tag a month. We use to do this, but the themes would be themed around holidays and events happening that month, so we began to run out of ideas. That feature slowly died and became less and less consitent. We have decided to resserct it, but every month the tag will be themed for a book series or book. The questions will be neutral, so essetianally anyone could answer, however they will be related back to the series in a non-spoiler type of way.

The last thing I would love to see more on my blog is guests posts. Me and Booknut have done a far share of blogging posts together, but we would like to start doing one at least once a month, maybe even more, depending on our business.

This post was a little different from what I usually post here, but I think it’s welcoming a new change to my blog that will make it feel a little more like me.

What are some features you do on your blog weekly?

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