Sunday, May 8, 2016


As much as I would want to say that my vacationing time will be spent at BEA and BookCon, that is not where I will be going. I am however very excited to be taking another trip to the Canadian Rockies. I'll be absent for the next week and then some.

I have been once before and it is one of the most beautiful places to relax and enjoy yourself. However with that being said, I will be spending a majority of my time relaxing and sight seeing. This won't leave much time for blogging, so I have decide that for the week and a bit that I will be away, my blog is going to be very quiet.

I obviously will be reading lots, so I hope to have a ton of reviews up when I return. 
I also know that I have a special combo post that will be up shortly up after my return with the stunning BookNut. This is a little special post focused around the Air Awakens series. 

With no blogging and limited access to wifi, I won't really be on my social media as much either. I hope those who are going to BEA or BookCon enjoy themselves!!

Farewell until the 18th my lovelies, and remember to read to lots. 

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